Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today was a fun day. A feel good day on my part. I just really tried to focus on the kids and enjoying them today. I know that sounds silly but sometime amid the housework, childcare, homeschool and everything else you just let your self be to busy to enjoy them and its a shame.

AB1 sat on the counter and read Dr.Seuss while AB2 and I made pancakes for breakfast, we did puzzles and played, we talked about Jesus and how cool it was to have the scriptures to teach us about him,I wandered up and down the hallways with AB3 just holding my finger and "showing" me everything. It was just a really good day.

AB1 also lost another tooth. He is very proud of himself and I cant help but giggle to look at him. His familiar smile has changed and is taking a bit of getting used too. The picture above shows his "new" smile as well as some chocolate from the chocolate chip cookies we made today.

AB3 was having a good old time playing peek-a-boo and laughing her head off and dear hubby got his glasses today. I have been lovingly calling him four eyes ever since! He doesnt get mad though because I follow that by telling him how cute he looks! haha

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Anonymous said...

We had a talk this Sunday in church done by Gail Philpot and it was of course on being grateful since Thanksgiving is this week. But she took a different approach for it than most. She talked about being grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed us to be parents. That our greatest joys should come from our children. It made me think of what you were saying here and I was grateful all over again for my children, you and your sister!