Monday, November 3, 2008

Climate Regions

Well we started our month long unit on Indians today and I am SO excited!! I have been doing research galore! I got to go to the library this weekend ALL BY MY SELF! hehehe I love the library and being there by myself to wander the isles and browse at my leasure is truly a treat!
Today we talked about climate regions in the U.S. We talked about what climate means and what terrain means and talked about the different climates and terain throughout the U.S. We have a big dry erase map that we filled in the 7 climate regions we are learning about this month and through the month will fill in the tribes we study into each region. We also discovered that we have lived in three different climate regions. The North East, the Sounth East and now the North West.
I have found more good that has come from our fairly nomadic lifestyle. The boys could really understand what we were talking about today as we discussed how hot and dry Georgia in the South East climate region was (our first duty station) how much wetter and cooler it was in Ohio in the North East climate region and how we get to see the beautiful mountains in Washington which is in the North West climate region (our second duty station).
Today we also have accomplished Math and English, read aloud and scripture study. Its been a good start to our unit!!


tdrowlee said...

Good for you! Neat that the boys know what different areas are like. My kids mostly have just seen pictures...

We're going to read that last Kaya indian book tomorrow - I hope!

Anonymous said...

Great start to the month. I have only lived in one state, Ohio, but have been to the West Virginia mountains,Louisiana swamps and New York's Niagra falls. We are blessed to live in a country that is so diverse in its beauty.
Oh, and just so you know, your Washington mountains are much bigger than the West Virginia ones. But each are beautiful.