Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small and Simple things week # I am not really sure!

No I did not fall off the planet!I have simply been…preoccupied with the goings on of life.

Things like school,family visits,long work hours for hubby and household pests to eradicate have taken up my time and to be totally honest completely blown my focus!

My best friend lately is pictured below:


When I am distracted,busy,upset or any other stressful emotion I crave sweets.I have been known to sit down with a small cup of these delicious little tidbits and eat away while reading a book :0)

I have decided that I need to re-evaluate and recommit to my simple goals.

Improving my health is still important to me. So goal #1 is to continue to work out.Striving to give it my all on the days I would really rather sleep in.

Goal #2 is to try to make my grocery list (grocery shopping coming on Monday) with lots of healthy snacks,meals and sides in mind. I know with a bit of planning and forethought I can have healthy and yummy snacks ready and waiting for when a craving strikes!

And last but definitely not least goal#3 is to but first things first. When life gets busy things start to slip.Unfortunately for me lately I have allowed some really important things(like daily personal scripture study) to slip. I also don't want to allow myself to get so wrapped up in teaching my children the three R’s,that I don't take the time to teach  them (by word AND action)  how to have a real and personal relationship with their Heavenly Father.

These are my goals for now and I am really happy to be committing to them right now.Knowing that tomorrow is Sunday and I will be able to go to church and feel renewed and refreshed.Definitely starting my week off right!

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Tristan said...

I knew you hadn't fallen off the planet. ;)

Great goals. I had to step back and refocus last week too. Why couldn't we get the emotional exercising gene, where we exercise when we're stressed? I mean, really, that would be perfect! LOL

I went grocery shopping yesterday and then did some freezer cooking. I have dinners in the freezer for the next 2 weeks. I've been eating junk come dinner time because of lack of planning. When I look at the clock at 4pm and the kids want dinner by 4:30 it's not a good thing. Now I can put my energy into making good for me snacks, because the good for me dinners are taken care of!