Monday, January 3, 2011

Small and Simple Things Week 4

Its time again to tell how I am doing on my goals.Last weeks goals were to get back on a schedule and work on healthier eating.

I am pleased to say that both goals went fairly well. I started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I worked out four days last week!

I also did good on eating a healthier breakfast and lunch.I find those are the easiest because those are our small meals. Breakfast is usually cereal and I find it easy to have a bowl of kix with a banana or a small cup of yogurt. Lunch is also small with sandwiches,soups and salads being the usual. Where I am finding I have trouble is dinner.Dinner is our big meal of the day and I just don't feel like making everyone's dinner then having to make something else for me on the nights we are having less than healthy meals.Also my snacking in the evenings is a bit troublesome! I love to bake and the kids are up for cookies after dinner any day I suggest it :0)

This brings me to this weeks goals.

#1.Continue to wake early and exercise.

#2.Find some yummy things I can bake that are healthier than the chocolate chip cookies I usually bake!

and #3.Work on healthier dinner options we will all enjoy.

I am really enjoying having this challenge to motivate me and also to help me remember that I don't have to do anything drastic!Its small and simple things,one step at a time. To check into the challenge and see how others are doing Go on over to  Our Busy Homeschool!


Tristan said...

Hooray for 4 days of exercise!

Dinners, ah yes, who wants to make a separate dinner for mom? I'm trying to eat a big salad at dinner to help me want to eat less of the main meal. Emphasis on trying! I figure if I can do smaller portions of the high calorie parts I'm on the right track. Keep up the good work this week and let me know if you come up with any great recipes - dessert or dinner!

Anonymous said...

It isn't any easier cooking for 2 addults and no one else. Especially if the other adult says "yuck" to a lot of veggies I want to cook.

Stephanie Saunders said...

Yeah, dinners are hard. I try to make up for it by making sure there's always a vegetable. Not that we eat really unhealthy. But I'll admit- I refuse to serve my family salad every night. Mostly because I don't want to eat salad every night. I LOVE me a good salad, but there are only so many times you can eat one...

Good for you on your goals! Keep it up!