Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learning something better

I recently sat down and watched a TV show that really made me think.The show was called “One Nation,Overweight”.

The show was really interesting and focused on several different things. School lunches,healthy eating for kids, diet pills vs. weight loss on your own, etc. This show really got me thinking.

I am an eater. I LOVE to eat. I love to cook and try new foods and sit around the table chatting with my family while eating some yummy treats. All this being said I am also a women who has struggled with being over weight for all of my adult life.

I know looking at the people in this country that we need an eating overhaul. With Obesity,cancer and diabetes running rampant I KNOW that  our eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are killing America.

So what can a girl do? A girl used to eating packaged,processed  crap, for lack of a better word. A girl whose kids might riot if I remove some of their favorite junk food from their diets! I know what THIS girl is going to do! I am going to educate myself. I am going to set small goals and take steps to having a healthier lifestyle for myself and my kids.

My first goal is simple. I am going to cut out a few of the usual foods I serve my family at lunch time and find healthy and tasty alternatives. Food #1 chicken nuggets #2 is fruit snacks.A HUGE favorite of my daughter!! I know there will be tears over these and so I am going to do some serious research and find a healthy and super yummy substitute!

So how about you? How is your families relationship with food? Could you make some improvements? Or could you give me some hints and tips and advice from your healthy eating habits??

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