Saturday, March 14, 2009

Planning Ugh!

Well I have determined that I really must be a better planner, at least for the next nine months!! Our homeschool days tend to be fairly relaxed. Although relaxed they do have a general flow and we tend to get everything on the "to do" list that is in my mind done. But now that I am pregnant I KNOW that things cannot and will not go on this way. I am a fairly lucky woman when it comes to pregnancy. I do not get very sick, I do not tend to have any complications, things tend to go very smoothly. The one thing I do struggle with especially early in the pregnancy is Exhaustion! I get so tired so easily and I am lacking energy all the time. Knowing this about myself I know I have to plan. I have to make a list for every day of our homeschool week of what needs to be done.I know I will fair far better if I can look at my list and check things off one by one.
So I sat down this evening and made out a list for each day of next week for my oldest. Tonight sometime or tomorow I will get a list done for the preschooler =-} Hopefully this will keep me on track at least for the next nine months or so!

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Anonymous said...

Knowing how you respond to things is key to know how you have to plan things. Good luck. I know you can do it.