Monday, March 9, 2009

Charlie and the chocolate factory

I love homeschool! Have I ever mentioned that?? We are doing a literature study this month based on the book Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl. We love Dahl. We have read two of his books this past year and they were two favorites of mom and the boys. I downloaded a free unit study guide offline that had tons of great idea's for the book and we all are loving it! We have made our own golden tickets and talked about what we would do if we were Charlie, we watched the orginal movie and will be comparing it to the newer version and the book.

We also made for the first time one of our favorite chocolate treats, Buckeyes!!! Now if you dont know what those are, well shame on you! But any good Ohioan knows what I am talking about. The chocolatey peanutbutter goodness that is a buckeye!

Now I would LOVE to tell you that the making of the buckeyes was a sweet sight. A picture of mom and the kids happily working together to make a yummy treat for all. But yeah it SO didnt happen that way! LoL I asked if the kids wanted to help and do you know what my oldest said?? "well no offense Mom but I think I'd rather finish our movie!" So needless to say Mom made buckeyes! Ahh well!

The only problem I am forseeing with this unit is that it will go by terribly quickly! We are supposed to read one or two chapters a day. Did I mention my kids Love Dahl?? Yeah we have been averaging four or five chapters a day! hahaha

Well at least I know they are enjoying it!


tdrowlee said...

Oh those look so yummy....

I. need. chocolate.

Want to mail me some? Be sure to send your hubby to the post office so they get here quickly! hehehe.

The kids are so cute- I miss them so much. July needs to hurry up!

Anonymous said...

I really have to try the recipe for those. They look delicious.