Friday, October 17, 2008

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

Today was one of those rare, close to perfect days. Daddy was home from his two week training, there was not a drop of rain to speak of(and here thats VERY rare), and we had the day to just spend and enjoy! We decided today would be a great day to head to the Nisqually Refuge. They have trails that go thru marshes, wetlands and woodlands and we enjoy them all!

It was a beautiful fall day and all Gods creations seemed happy to greet us. From the little inch worm Daddy and the AB's (Army Brats) discovered to the Hundreds of Geese preparing to migrate.

One of my favorite pictures of the day was one with Daddy and AB #1 and #2 checking out the inch worm we found. the thought came to me as I looked at it " Teacher and students? Father and Sons? BOTH!" Whats a joy it is to have those usually seperate and defined roles blurred into one joyful moment.
Along with all the creaping crawling and chirping thingsthe tree's were really calling to us and even Hannah got in on the monkey business! Although she was not as excited as her brothers were to climb! Hahaha She'll get there I'm sure!
It really was a great day!

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