Monday, October 20, 2008

Homeschooling and everyones misconceptions

I love homeschooling. I have homeschooled all my children since day one and it has been one of the most enjoyable experiances of my life. The thing I have found the hardest to dealwith at times is other peoples misconceptions of our lifestyle and how our children must be because they are homeschooled.
I was reminded of all of that today as I chatted with a friend on the phone. She is looking into options other than public school for her children and we have talked "homeschool" several times. My friend says that her mother is very PRO public school =-} I geuss she had mentioned to her mom that she had a friend who homeschools.
"Well are her kids loners who keep to themselves or only play with there siblings??"This poor misinformed woman asked.
"No mom actually her kids are really outgoing and playful and...normal." My friend says to her mom.
People think because homeschooled children are not stuck in a classroom with 30 other kids every day Monday thru Friday that they must be shy, lonely, socially awkward little things.
How wrong they are!! In my experiance most homeschooled children are the complete opposite, friendly, outgoing, confident and well adjusted.
It was so encouraging to hear that my friend found my children to be all of those good things and that she was able to dispel some of the misconceptions floating around out there.

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tdrowlee said...

I agree, homeschool kids tend to be over confident if anything! They are just as comfortable talking with the adult you meet at the store as they are the child with that adult! Thankfully they also seem to avoid the "bad/inappropriate" social behavior more too. Instead of learning it is only cool to play with kids their age or older, they play with all ages happily. Intead of learning to act boy/girl crazy at age 5 or 6, they just think of everyone as kids just like them. Instead of acting like being smart/liking to learn is dorky, they truly love to learn, regardless of what others think.