Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have been a total slacker!!

I feel like a total slacker as far as my blog goes lately! I havent posted anything worth reading and no pictures what so ever for a good bit! Now in my defense in the last two weeks I have hit my sixth month of pregnancy with baby number four. I have sent my soldier off for his second deployment, this time to Iraq AND I traveled from one coast to the other with my three kids, the cat and my mother!! Hahhaha ok now I dont feel like such a slacker!!
Things here this past week have been pretty good. We all miss Daddy terribly and that can cause some tantrums, and not just from the kids! We are trying our best to settle in to a house hold that isnt ours, into a single room shared between me and all three kids. But to be honest its not been as bad as I expected!! We have done this before. So I had a fairly good idea of what to expect. Although there have been some rough days and my patience is no where near its normal, things really are going well.
We move into our own apartment the 31st of this month and I hope to post lots of pictures of the new place and us getting settled back into a routine and into homeschool for the year.Between the 26th of August and the 29th of September all three of my rug rats have a birthday so we will also have lots of birthday photo's to post as well.

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